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Nourishing Nuggets

I've just completed Shannon's 5 week series and find that it is just the wake-up call that so many women in all walks of life need! As an expert in advising women entrepreneurs and professional women on getting over overwhelm, I found this series to provide the perfect antidote to the physical, emotional, and spiritual fatigue that Shannon describes. I plan to recommend that my clients read it, embrace its wisdom, and adopt at least one "Silly and just plain Fun ideas for Living your Life! - Monique Wells

Discover my FREE 5 week series of juicy tidbits on simple and realistic ways to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

You'll Learn...

  • What makes self nourish different from "self-care"
  • How you can defeat your worst enemy... YOU
  • Tiny daily habits to implement so you make the best first impression
  • One subtle change you can make to your personal commercial that will exponentially increase your referrals
  • A critical component for your life you must begin implementing immediately
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Hi Shannon, I absolutely love your 5 week series. I didn't realize it, but I could see myself and many other women I know in your description of the mum, wife, friend and business women who always take care of others first, but never has time to take care of herself. Thanks for the real-world tips on how to refresh body and mind. They are all very practical and won't take any time to implement. I also love your list of silly and just fun ideas for living your life and almost laughed out loud at the first one! Still, they can all be easily implemented and will surely light up your life. Take care, Francis - Francis Van Wyk

Women Entrepreneurs, are you hungry?

I believe you have:
  • passion
  • a vision
  • a story to tell
  • a purpose
And you want
  • to make a difference
  • to serve more people
  • to make a bigger impact

Women by nature are caregivers. It's what we're built for.
Now, we're stepping into the world in a bigger way and giving more deeply of ourselves than ever before.
And we still have all the same demands.
We want to look our best, feel our best, give our best, be our best.

If we are not careful we'll burn out.

Do you want to be showing up with your A game each day?

To do that, you have to invest in you, I know you invest in your business, you invest in training, you invest in skill improvement. Successful people are learners. You attend seminars, professional assemblies, conferences...

But do you invest in you?

Imagine being an elite athelete. If all you do is train and train, you'll get injured. You need to eat right (put the good stuff in) and get proper rest (let the bad stuff go).

Whole Self Nourish is all about putting the good stuff in and letting the bad stuff go.

If you can't convince yourself that you deserve it... For every person you love, every person who loves you, every client, every meeting, every opportunity...
Imagine showing up as your best self every day.
Imagine the increase in the impact you would make on the world.
Get started NOW, get started TODAY with our nourishing nuggets, I promise they're bite sized.

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